YeyYej used to be one of the ten Mej Mej Overlords.Yej is one of the original overlords, who got brain washed and taken away by The Fire Lotus, who turned him into their own,  a Mek Mek Overlord. They used him as the uppet of the organisation, trying to hide away the fact that the Fire Lotus is the reason of the Mek Mek rebelion. With training, they made a powerfull weaon Overlord, trained to kill everyone he holds dear. When he geared Fij has died by the hand of Weegees, his emotional state has went back to normal. After a week of his emotional state, the fire lotus trained him to not feel emotions ever again. It is said before Yej died, he gave a message to the one who defeated him, he said 'Sorry, they made me a monster, but the good of myself has been transfused into a jem that you have to find, it can create a whole city of Mejlings, call them Yejligs or Ramej'  Yej died.