Pronounced (Sh - aj)

Xaj is one of the Ten Mej Mej Overlords. He wields the powers of arcane magic.

 In-Game Abilites Edit

Upgrades are available for the attacks

All Xaj's attacks temporarily weakens enemies, lowering their ranged attack, melee attack and defense.

Magic Missile

Damage: 20

Cooldown: 90

Knockback: 30%

Tij rains lightning upon 10 random targets, dealing 100 damage to each and shocking the target. 3 smaller chains of lightning then spread away from the target, attempting to grab another nearby enemy. if it reaches an enemy, they take 75 damage and become shocked, if not, the chain disappears. This process repeats itself once more, except dealing 50 damage.


Damage: ??

Cooldown: ??

Knockback: ??