Wormejjes are worm like creatures that are  used as K-9 dogs for Mej Mej Fighters to use. they have sharp teeth and a good sense of smell and can sniff out enemies, drugs and C4. They tend to opperate underground and create tunnels for them to go through. They are vicious creatures that only care for their owners and not about anyone else. Wormejjes are created when one of The Beast's heads fall off, it takes four days for one wormej to come to life. When they wake up from their minor transformation, they start burrowing under ground and find food to eat. wormej are blind and can't see a thing so they use there strong sense of smell to guide their way through. Workej Fisherman tend to go wormej fishing, by hanging pet moblets on a stick as bait for the wormej, which they sell to Mej Mej Fighters for good money. If you own a wormej, it is advised that you give it a collar or nametag, and send it to the beastary. The beastary is a place you can send wild animals to be tamed for you, or where you can send your pet to be looked after.

When the wormej are hungry, they tend to eat anything in their way. Once a Wormej managed to eat an Exterminej when it wasn't fed for 8 years because its owner forgot about it. Wormej tend focus to hunt for enemies 70% more when they are hungry, and that's Mej Mej Fighters keep Wormej in similar cages used for runaway children, but the iron bars have been dunked in coriander acid, which mejlings, moblets and wormej despise. The coriander is bad for Mejlings lungs and can cause many allergic reactions. 8% of living things on Jeem and Meej could die from 2 drops of coriander of any kind. Therefore if a hungry wormej tries to bight the bars, it will get dazed. Coriander is the essential ingredient in bombs, which Scientej found to harm Mejling with 60% of radiation. Whenever a mejling needs to approach coriander, they need radiation-proof suits. You can determine a wormejje's age by the size of it, and the amount of rings on its body. The older and more mature the wormej, the less coriander is put on the cage. Sometimes, with well trained wormej, they don't need a cage, and instead, have a leash attached to them.

There is also a type of Wormej called the Jelly Eater (Also called Ocean Wormej), which lives in the seas of Meej, and feed on any Mejlings who get syuck in the ocean.