Wacaaj is a tropical paridise located next to the Wakiaaj Beach.

The biggest population of Wacaaj are surfej. Surfej like to take on one of the biggest risks on Meej, surfing on the water of Meej. 90% of surfej die when they take on the gelatinous waves of death. The phrase many use in Wacaaj is 'KAHOOT' meaning peace in the slangs of surfej. Kahoot was invented by HUBAHUBAHUBA24/7, a famous social expermimentej, who is known for the Surfej shampoo prank. He invented it when he was thinking of how to create a social experiment people could do by themselves, or with friends, and invented the word KAHOOT. It acctualy came from the word kahunami, which is a very deadly wave that appears every 8th year when the waters become ripe and yellow. Kahoot acctually means end yourself, but surfej are too dumb to understand. Kahoot is also a word Meklings say before they suicide.


To remember the time when we got 'hacked' By McJem lord himself...