About Towelie

Towelie is a towel that came to life when a group of scientists were trying to make the ultimate weapon against humanity. Unknown species of aliens are know for creating Towelie on the planet called Earth. The aliens then had a battle for Towelie between an resistance army on Earth. They all died in the lab in which Towelie was created except for Towelie and four boys who started this whole war. When they were asked about the war they stated "we just wanted out game sphere". Towelie stated "Do you wanna get high". Which highlights Towelie's addiction to drugs.

His Previous Job

Towelie is also known as Steven McTowelie who was famous novelist famous for A Million Little Fibers which was his auto-biography of being a misunderstood towel.

Drug Addiction

Towelie has a serious addiction to drug that he was sent to the rehab center. The rehab center did not help Towelie. He is still a serious drug user.

Adventure and Life on Meej

Towelie has been hired by the government to become the first towel on the moon, so NASA provided him the technology of a rocket to reach the moon. When NASA launched Towelie to space he thought he should celebrate by getting high, which deactivated all the communication with planet Earth and somehow invented the warp speed. He crashed on a moon on the other side of the galaxy and fainted.

Towelie has also known as the Ultimate Question to Life, Universe and Everything. It was figured out when the Mice found Towelie lying on the Moon of Poosh. They found out that Towelie's 42 years old in Towel years. He was offered 10,000,000 credits (space money) which he took and wasted it all on drugs.

Towelie then regulary became high and would usually hitchhike around the galaxy with space hippies and hipsters who he would usually share him drugs with. At one point he woke up on the planet of Meej in the Mejling hobo lane where he started selling all sorts of exotic drugs to Mejlings, Mej Mej Warriors He and even to Mej Mej Overlords. Because he was the first to introduce drugs to mejling, all mejling wanted to try some, so in a week he maneged to get 20,000 euros (which is the highest foreign currency known that is used only on Earth, Jeem and Meej. So technically Towelie got successful 50,000,000 credits. Towelie got a Meej citizenship and very shortly became a Mej Mej Landlord. Towelie started a drug company called 'A Million Little Fibers based on his best-selling novel on Earth. His drug company became the largest drug company in five different galaxies. Towelie later became the Duke's of Meej highest man.