Toj is one of the ten Mej Mej Overlords. He is in charge of health and exercise, and uses a Shield of Healing. His elemental power is healing, and he is skilled with Strength. Toj is also one of the Four highest Overlords, and the strongest Mejling on Meej. Toj is known to be the peace overlord as well, because he always stops stupid argument over the overlords on the public. During the War, Toj saved all mejling on the battelfield on Jeem when Pej and Maj couldn't deside who will use their strongest attacks to wipe out the army of Jemlings. The Jemely Passanger then caused a nuclej bomb to explode badly hurting all mejlings, jemlings and the two overlords. Toj then arrived at the battelfield causing a giant healing wave all over the battlefield. When he healed everyone, his Shield shatered into pieces, which cut Tojs forehad. From this day, you can still see Toj's battle-scar on his forehead. Because of Toj's bravery, The Mej Mej Overlord crafted Toj the greatest shield ever seen in the galaxy.

In-Game Abilities Edit

All Toj's attacks inflict continuous 5% knockback for 3 seconds. Being inflicted with continuous knockback makes it hard to walk, because every second you are knocked slightly to the side.

Upgrades are available for all the attacks

Protective ball/wave/shot/charge

Damage: 50

Cooldown: 45

Knockback: 70%

Damages enemies, but heals you.

Breakout Wall

Damage: 0

Cooldown 60

Knockback: 100%

Create a wall that cannot be walked through.