Thiejj is a mej mej landlord who owns a mansion. He lived there with his ex girlfriend Emmej, and his pets, Beary, Bat-monkay and Tigerman. This place is located in Neposej and he also has a small shed made of mud, where he sits and contemplates his life. During these hours of thinking, he enjoys putting mud onto his forehead so beary can lick it off.

In Thiejj's basement he keeps these pets to live in harmony. This place is guarded by Manly Man. But he lets the pets out to run around his mansion. Manly Man and the pets like to watch late night variety shows together.

Thiejj has also suffered from a break up with Emmej And has been sitting in his mud hut now more than ever.

Theijj's idol is Loj, as his Elemental Power is earth, and mud is a part of earth. He is a mud addict.

There are rumours of Thiejj being a member of The Cult Of Neposej. This is just a theory and Theijj says it is untrue.

"The mud drips down my eyes to my hands." Thiejj during a midlife crisis.