Teammates are an important contribution to the mej mej game. You can't play as them, but they give you special attack during battle. In the over-world you will see an animation of your two teammates chosen, as all of them have a power in the over-world, like headbutting, cutting, cleaning, burning, etc.

There are Teammates looking for mercenary work that will be happy to fight by your side for enough coins. They are found in pubs, hubs, community hub, public spaces and hotels.

Teammates for hire:

  • Nadjej (Melee-Stamina)
  • John Cenaj (Melee-Acting)

Most teammates don't need hiring, But mostly need saving or helping. If you save a teammate or finish a quest for that person, they will fight by your side as a thanks.

Unlockable Teammates

  • Subotej (Theif-Archer)
  • Curtej (Short Film Maker)
  • Gregorej (Wannabe hacker)
  • Portian (DLC)
  • Portiam (DLC)
  • Oscej (The hobo mechanic)
  • Adarej (Jemling)
  • Audrej (Jemling)

Many stronger characters will soon want to fight by your side. a Jemling, Mekling, Mejling, whoever!

  • Mej Mej Overlords (once you defeat one overlord they will offer you a quest)
  • The Jemely Passenger (You will need to stop the Papa's restaurants from his clone)
  • McJem (DLC)
  • The Mej Mej Overlord (DLC)
  • Sir Mejcoe (DLC)
  • The Mej of the Fire Lotus (The only Mejling from the fire lotus)
  • Yej (In flashbacks)
  • Fij (Before he dies)
  • Ghostly Fij (Regeneration)
  • Ghostly Yej (Regeneration)