Stoniphiles are a group of Tubleran Stonej who, using special clamps, linked themselves together. Once they had linked the 117 Stonej linked together, the leader then dragged everyone to the giant Stonej and paid him 1117 _____, for the giant Stonej to perform the inter gravitational Tublera fling on all of them (1000 ______ for the fling, and 1 sped for each extra person). When they crash-landed on Meej, only 112 survived, as 2 of them were crushed in and 3 didn't have food, they landed on Meej shortly after. Their leader unlinked them and they became a cult, trashing places, eating garbage and in general just annoying the citizens of Meej. the only reason they haven't been removed is because Meej's Government cant unlawfully kill "citizens".