Portiam and Portian are Sir Mejcoes portej sidekicks, who are the most famous of Portej on the Planet of Meej. They were raised on the Moon of Meej where they were trained by Sir Mejcoe to become the ultimate sidekicks. Portian is also known to be the best player of Quantium Chess in the whole galaxy. Portiam on the other hand mastered Mejtial Arts and became the Golden Mejling of Mejtial Arts during a the Olympic Games 2012 in Ondora. Because Portiam won the gold medal for Mejtial Arts, he was chosen for the finals of The Tennis Championsip as the Golden Mejling. He said the experience was tremendous but it hurt alot. It is said that Portiam was the cause of the great book loss of 2011 on JJ Librej . You can find their giant trophies in Sir Mejcoes office, one on every side of his desk.