A Portej is a Mejling whose mouth has turned into a portal. When it opens its mouth, it creates a portal to a location of their choosing. This is a common way for Exterminej to move their armies to the battlefield quickly.

Some famous portejjes are Portiam and Portian who are known to be on the JJ LIbrej with Sir Mejcoe hovering around the galaxy. 

There are many different types of Portej but th main ones are: 

Galactic Portej: A reuglar Portej that can transport Mejlings anywhere across the galaxy (including Tublera). 

Dimensional Portej: This Portej can't use their Portal anywhere in their universe, but can transport large amounts of Mejlings to different dimensions. 

Global Portej: Global Portej are the most common type of Portej, but can only transport things to places on the planet/ship they are on. Most global portejjes cantnsport living things . 

Universal Portej: Universal Portej are the most useful type of Portej as they can transport anything, anywhere across the universe. 

Vortej: unlike normal Portej, Vortej go into battles and suck up enemies, if you are swallowed the Vortej, it can take you to a prison camp, the outer reaches of space or even worse, Tublera... 

Time Portej: These are the rarest Portej of all time. These portejes are the ultimate creations that was created by The Mej Mej Overlords stupidity. It is known to be the most dangerous and most powerfull species in the whole time and space continuem. Time Portej can Time Travel, Travel to different Universes, Teleport anywhere and can trap enemies that attack it. 15 Time portej have been created and only 14 of them have been seen with one seen twice, (approximetly 1 Time Portej has been seen per year by an Overlord. 

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