There are over 30 cities, towns and villages of meej, with about 50 destinations to see! The Main Cities on Meej include:

Other Cities of Meej Include: 

  • Dondej 
  • Plabej
  • Witherej
  • Mikanoj
  • Beogrej
  • Astrej
  • Lindej

Towns of Meej Include:

  • Nilitej
  • Bakatej
  • Zimonej
  • Jumbej
  • Halamej
  • Tu

Villages of Meej Include:

There are no known villages on meej because tahi happened

Islands of Meej:

  • The Island of Meej (Where the Beast lives)
  • Akitaj

Places of Interest:

  • Thiejj's Mansion (Nesposej)
  • Temple of the Overlords (Mejjima)
  • Wakiaaj Beach (Wacaaj)
  • The Fort of Angles (Akitaj)
  • The Moblet Hive (Plabej)
  • The Great Mumlej Divine (Mumlej)
  • Dovakhill (Witherej)