Mrs Mejonoska is a mejling who is obsessed with social media. She used to be an ordinary teacher, who taught young mejlings about law and justice, until she bought herself a JPhone6s. She then taught her students how to use Tumblr*, Facebook*, Instagram* and other types of social media. She then quit her job as a teacher and the went in pursuit of Tej, the overlord whose spear provides free internet to anyone in 100 metej of it. When she found Tej, she was banished to the wasteland of Tublera, where she was given an IIB (Infinite Internet Box), and the job of guarding Tublera from invaders.

She now lives alone, feeding on the rats and worms around her, but always connected with her 5 million 'friends'.

*Although these social media come from Earth, Ej came from earth too, bringing many earth traditions.

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