Mr Poktaris is one of the ten Mej Mej Overlords. He also used to be highest Educej ever, where he was in charge of Mejamathics, teaching young Mejlings the way of the angle dance. Mr. Poktaris was born with a special power, the power to locate and control all angles. He has the power of changing angles with his mind, which he learnt when he was 1 month old. Mr. Poktaris once won Meej Has Got Talent when he entered it with his angle dance. Then he became an Educej, where he tought young mejlings his powers.

"Not many mejling can experience it" Said Mr. Poktaris "These kids weren't born with it, but they can sustain its energy, and that's all that matters!

Mr. Poktaris got fired from his job when he was hypnotising a young mejling to show an example. He then accidently turned the mejling into a square permanently, because he was distracted by a big mathemathical equasion. You can find the square mejling tublera, where he lives off his days. Because of Mr. Poktaris's unique powers, The Mej Mej Overlord hired him to become a mej mej overlord, in charge of pokking and Jammuj, and gave him a special sword, Mr, Poktaris's Angular Sword.

The Demonovic Cult Edit

When the Overlords found out about the Demonovic Cult, Mr Poktaris became infuriated, as his previous attempt to stop Ms Demonovic had failed. Filled with rage, he then set out to stop the Demonovic Cult, and strip Ms Demonovic and Mr Pavolovic of their demonic powers. Mr Poktaris recruted Mr Mejjing and Sir Mejcoe to track down the cult, until Sir Mejcoe had to evacuate to a different part of the galaxy. Then Mr Mejjing tracked down Mrs Mejinoska, who was a former part of the cult, and asked her to give them more details about the cult. She gave them the location of their base, but when Mr Poktaris found the location, the base was abandoned, and has moved to a different destination. The only evidence that they found at the former bas is that Mr Pimpantonio, The Ice Powered Weegee and the leader of the Weegee commite, is supporting this cult. He sent 2 weegees to guard the cult when their first base was still operational, as their dead bodies were discovered at the scene. It is still unknown as to who attempted to destroy the Demonovic Cult, but the Overlords are asking this person to reveal themselves, as they could help with the fight against the cult.

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