Mr Jund is an educej who used to work with Ms Demonovic. He is known to be a secret agent, as he tends to wear a suit often. He is knonw to keep a Great Sword hidden in his computer, to keep him secure at all time. He  once had to battle a crazy, 360 no-scoping Woot, who was wooting and headshoting everyone in the room. One victim was Petej, Pej's youngest brother and Majsim, Maj's ferrej. Pej, Marcej and Maj were highly disapointed with mr. junds performance. Now mr Junds Jund logic is highly appreciated and widely accepted throughout Meej and Jeem's education systems and is now taught at all schools using creatures called jund createrues to teach the young children about how to use jund logic, why it is important and everything about jund logic.