Name Role Weapon Elemental Power Skilled in
Ej The Mej Mej Overlord Greatstaff of the Overlord All All
Pej In charge of Government Pej's Hammer of Frost Ice Knowledge
Maj In charge of war and armies Maj's War-Axe of Hell Fire Stamina
Tij In charge of the internet, electricity and power Tij's Shock-Spear of Power Electric Speed (Formerly science)
Toj In charge of health and exercise Toj's Shield of Healing Healing Strength
Loj In charge of Jumm Loj's Dual Daggers of Obsidian Earth Technology
Mr Mejjing In charge of Mujj

Mr Mejjing's Orballs of Nature

Nature Speed
Mr Poktaris In charge of Jammuj, The Annual Pokking Ceremony Mr Poktaris's Angular Sword Psychic Distraction
Fij Formerly, In charge of exploration and helping other species Fij's Dual Sabers of the Deep Water Summoning
Yej Formerly In charge of communications with Mek Mek and Jeem The Clouded Mace of Yej Air Confusion
Xaj In charge of exploration and helping other species Xaj's Gauntlet of Arcana Arcane Science (Formerly force move)
Mauj In charge of communications with Mek Mek and Jeem The Diseased Claws of Mauj Disease Poison
Who is your favourite Overlord?

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Overlords By rank

1.      Ej

2.      Pej

3.     Maj

4.     Toj

5.     Tij

6.     Mr Poktaris

7.     Loj

8.     Mr Mejjing

9.     Xaj

10.  Mauj

Overlords by Power

1.    Ej

2.    Maj

3.    Tij

4.    Pej

5.    Mr Poktaris

6.    Toj

7.    Loj

8.    Xaj

9.    Mr Mejjing

10.  Mauj

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