Mej Mej Landlords are the richest mejlings on Meej. All Mej Mej Landlords are known to own lots of land which they profit from. The Landlords often are known to pay Exterminej to do their dirty deeds. Many Mej Mej Overlords are paid to do what land lords want during the cabinate discussions, for example, the Landlord wants to buy JFC (Jem Fried Chicken) from the mejling Jemai who is not willing to sell, so the Landlord pays the overlords to demand Jemaii to sell JFC to the landlord.  

The Mej Mej Landlords are known to be picky, selfish, arrogant and stubborn. They are like regular mejlings, except that they wear top hats, are really rich, and own lots of land. They tend to smoke pipes and drink tea. One Mej Mej Landlord is known for entering the Prejidental Campaign, many know him as Mejnald Trump.