History Edit

Maj is one of the ten Mej Mej Overlords. He is a fire user, who is also incharge of armies and Mej Mej Fighters. Maj is also the second most powerful Mej Mej Overlord in ranking and the third in the regular rank. He owns a War Axe of Hell, crafted by an anonymous sorcerer, created from titanium with a molten touch. His secondary weapons are molten throwing axes, which he had 10 of per turn. When they touch a surface, they explode or melt the surface. They are like molten grenades. The War Axe of Hell is one of the most mysterious weapons ever crafted, as it wasn't welded by The Mej Mej Overlord, yet another anonymous welder. It is said that the axe is from another world where it has been welded better than anything The Mej Mej Overlord has ever welded himself. During the Great war between Meej and Jeem, Maj and Fij were always back to back to eachother in the Battlefield, until a wormhole was summoned and took Maj with it. It has been 2 Years since they found Maj in Tublera in a junk pile next to the Axe. When The Mej Mej Overlord uncast a spell of Maj, he didn't know what happened him during the 2 Years. But what The Overlords discovered was completely unique. Maj now has 15% of Jemling DNA, which makes him more skilled in Fire attacks and 5% of unknown DNA, which they later discovered that it increased his stamina and that it repeled the touch of Weegees. Some say that Maj Is a part Weegee, but it is still unknown. Maj then enquired the axe and went out to the Battlefield of the War. At this point Maj became stronger than most Overlords, as he single handedly could defeat a whole army.

In-Game Edit

Maj's rage mode is when he turns to ashes and he becomes hard to hit