Meej is the home of many famous games in the galaxy, like Crack Baby Athletics, Pokmon, Dunjems and Drajems, and lots more!

Here is the personal information to all of their games!

Here are some of the official games of Meej:


Dunjems and Drajems




Haj-Lij 1+2

Some Known Hobbys:



Warhammej 40k

Other Games:

  • Jemai Has Aids 3 - The Board Game
  • Crack Baby Athletics

Here are some known video games:

Video Games

  • Mej-Kai Watch
  • Starcrej
  • Pokmon (Video Game)
  • Mejjout 4
  • Elitej Danjerej
  • BattleBlock Theatej
  • Binding of Iseej
  • Jemai Has Aids 3 - The Video Game: Remastered
  • Eldej Scroll V: Skyrej
  • Mejphalt 8: Airbournej

These are the most used machines of gaming:

  1. PC (Master Race)
  2. Mej Station For (MS4)
  3. Mej Station Thre (MS3)
  4. 3-D Mej XL (3DM XL)
  5. Mej-Box On 

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