These foods are eaten by Mejlings:

  • Tinned Chicken
  • The holy milk and cereal
  • Celerej - a gigantic Vegetej stick
  • JFC - Fried Pok Chicken
  • Papajje's Food Line - Burgej, Tacoj, Donej, Wingej, Pancaj, Ice Crej, Slushej, Sandwej, Sauce Pockej, Hot Wormej. The Holy Ranch Dinner, BTT (Bacon Tomato Tomato)
  • Tasty Possum - Possum,Roast, Possum on a Stick, Possum Chips, Tasty Possum Combo, Fried Possums
  • Local Restourant - Poplet - Edible Fried Moblet, Earlobe Critter Roast, Pig on a Stick, Ranch Saucej
  • Grimby's Bite'n'Eat Diner - Chipej, Mashed Potatej, Fish and Chipej, Roasted Potatej, Olivej, Grilled Bacej, Grilled Cheesej, Fancy Grilled Cheesej, Ranch'nCheese, Bacon'n'Ranch, BTTB (Bacon Tomato Tomato Bacon),
  • Mejdonalds - Burgej, Chipej, Ranch Burgej
  • Subwej - Sandwej, Special Subwej, Ranch Subwej
  • Ranch International - Ranch, Ranch ,Ranch Pit, Every meal with extra Ranch, Ranch-It-Yourself
  • Doritej - Classic, Cool Ranch, Extra Cheesej, Mexicej, Thej, Mega Bacej Supreme, Cheesej, Spicy Chillej
  • Mt. Dej - Classic
  • Vegetej - Classic
  • Spamej - Classic, Bacej Deluxe, Turkej, Possum, Chickej, Earlobe Critter, Bruce Vilanch Combo, Ranch Supreme
  • Tobascej - Classic, Green Peppej, Extra Spicy, Ranch Delight

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