Fij used to be one of the ten Mej Mej Overlords.

Fij was one of the original 10 Mej Mej Overlords. He and Maj were sent to Zodgerra, home of the zoidbergs, to help them win the war against the weegees. They helped the zoidbergs reproduce, fight back and have a fighting chance of winning the war. Maj eventually decided that the zoidbergs could fight without the overlords aiding them, and left the planet. Fij, however decided against that, choosing to stay and continue helping the zoidbergs. The weegees saw Maj leave, and knew that Fij was one of the weakest overlords. They devised a plan to kill Fij, and without him as their leader, the zoidbergs would be easy opponents. Fij was hunted down by the weegees, who, after assassinating their leader, wiped out most of the Zoidbergs. Mauj then took his place as the next Mej Mej Overlord.

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