The Exterminej or MejBot 3000, are the leaders of the Mej Mej Fighters. They are known to lead a group of 5 Mej Mej Warriors, 3 Portej, 10 Wormej and 5 Mej Mej Knights per Exterminej. They are strong and loyal to the planet of Meej.

Dalek Version (Non-Canon)

They were created after they stole dalek technology, and attatched it to war veterens who could no longer fight. This robotic exoskeleton enabled the exterminej to shoot lasers, fly, and protect themseves with armour. The rank of exterminej is the Eigth highest rank of Mej Mej. As Exterminej, they are found to be brutal and rude to the public because of the voice implantation the Daleks have implanted.

MejBot 3000 Version (Canon)

Like the Exterminej version, MejBot is a suit of armour  attatched to war veterans who are experienced in war and have good tactics, but cannot fight. The suit enabkes them to shoot rasers, use rays to communicate to soldiers, can levitate and shields them. The suit also has self-deactivation system which would blow up if the enemy gets their hands on it. The suits GPS sstem enables it to track people  down, like enemies and allies even infront of layers of walls. Mengineers tend to fix or build the MejBot suits but also use them if a Mej Mej Warrior barracks needs to be rebuilt during battle.