This is the evolution of Keemstar...He keemed on evolving...

  1. Cavestar
  2. Neanderkeen (Neanderthal) 
  3. Keeman (Roman)
  4. Vikeem (Viking)
  5. Pilgreemstar (Pilgrim)
  6. Keem Alex Un (Kim Jon Un)
  7. Diam Yo Keem
  8. Fast Keemstar
  9. Dj Keemstar
  10. Alex-Hater Keemstar
  11. Suprised Keemstar (Popcorn Eating)
  12. Tweetstar
  13. TyBlue
  14. Why-am-I-getting-hate? Keemstar - (Up to date)
  15. Baited Keemstar (Pissed-off)
  16. Hysterical Keemstar (Eating a Burger and Laughing)
  17. Sick Keemstar (Faker)
  18. Emo Keemstar (literaly)
  19. Dog killer keemstar
  20. Taking a breakeemstar
  21. .
  22. .
  23. Hatless Keemstar???
  24. President Keemstar
  25. Intergalactic Criminal Keemstar

Other known versions of KEEM...

  1. Scarce
  • Keemsaur (Dinosaur Keemstar)

Keemstar's known allies:

  • Clown (Colosall is Crazy)
  • TommyC

Feel free to add more!

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