Beenoz are dogs that mutated when they entered Meej 's atmosphere. People originally rejected beenoz, as they werent real dogs. There species were identified by numbers, and regarded as test subjects, until one day,  the residents of Meej voted that beenoz should be respected as real animals. The answer was 86% yes, 9% no and 5% didn't vote. The species of beenoz and their old numberings are:

  • Fuzzy Beeno #1

This is the basic Beeno that is most commonly found. It is characterized by its mostly fury body and heavy accent.

  • Walking Beeno #2

The walking Beeno has a light brown texture and a beige belly. the reason its called the walking Beeno is that it walks on two legs because it has a massively fat butt that can support its weight while walking but stops it from walking on four legs.

  • Trouble Beeno #3

The trouble Beeno looks a lot like a cat version of the fuzzy beeno but is still classed as a Beeno. it almost always has a sly, mischievous look on its face and is sleek and mobile. it is often found with people in trouble or associated with making trouble and in some communities it is regarded bad luck to look at a trouble Beeno

  • Tiny swag Beeno #4

This Beeno comes in all colours but is mostly found in grey, and resembles the size of a Chihuahua. It is called the tiny swag Beeno because it eats money, the more money you feed it the more swag it gets. The tiny swag Beeno's emotions are also based on swag, if it has lots of swag it will be very happy but if it does not have much swag it will be very sad and lonely.

  • Space Beeno #5

The space Beeno can be found in all colours and shapes but it often has some sort of mustache. Instead of going for a walk the space Beeno must be in space for at least 3 hours every week. owners of space Beenos hook their space Beenos on a line and let them go into space, being found the most efficient way of getting their space needs.

  • Fat Beeno #6
  • nasher Beeno #7